What We Do




Our special services is large format fabric printing or print all over fabric area with variety of fabric which it use polyester yarn, including PE / spun, spandex or lycra

oekotex-epsonWith original ink and high-tech machinery, we produce excellent quality in terms of durability, color fastness, color density, and consistent printing results.

that our printing fabric is safe to use for both adults and childrens.

We offer services with a wide selection of sublime printing needs, including:

Print Paper only

( the customer will conduct its own press )

Customers who already have a press machine can use this service, we expect customers who already know and understand about the basis of sublimation, and techniques in the pressing process, quality, handsfeel and sublimation risks borne by the customers themselves, a minimum order of 1 meter in width max 158 cm

Roll to roll

( full Print / all over print )

For those customers who want maximum results, roll to roll is the option,
Some of the reasons customers choose this process are:
The production process faster than a PC and Roll to Cut pc
Design / motif can be repeat to a huge size and with a maximum length.
Color stability and precision design
shrinkage is less than the cut pc, thus saving production needs,
Order with a definite position of the logo and writing both the chest and backs numbering and the like is not recommended to use this process,
no minimum order,
the result is more stable when the order is over 10 meters
Maximum print width is 158 cm, the price count meter (100cm x 158cm)
get offer attractive prices with quantity min. 200 meter / design

Roll to pc

( Custom printed pattern into fabric before cutting process )

Some of the reasons customers choose this process:
There is no minimum order, no minimum design and no minimal panel
Customers are given the freedom to put down and arrange customized patterns with fabric fibers
Printing process faster than a cut pc
Pattern print directly onto fabrics
Maximum print width is 158 cm, the price count meter (100cm x 158cm)

Cut Pc

( fabric already cut to fit the pattern )

Some of the reasons customers choose this process:
Fabrics which will in printing is a fabric that has been cut pattern
Design can be customized to any size pattern
Customers tolerate unstable material shrinkage (further consultation)
Minimum order is 30 dozen per design with max 4 size,
Minimum order is 30 dozen all size with max 4 design.
Minimum order is 30 dozen of one size with max 4 panel
size, design and panels exceeds the maximum then charged extra
Prices can be calculated per PC or per panel